Far East Boiler Inspection Services (FEBIS) was founded in 2014 in Okinawa, Japan to support the increasing demand for experienced Third Party Boiler and Pressure Vessels inspectors with a knowledge of Japanese and American boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels (UPVs). Our company inspectors have over 20 years inspecting Japanese and American boilers on US bases in Japan,South Korea and the US.


FEBIS inspects and certifies Boilers and UPVs on United States Military bases overseas, as prescribed in Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Unified Facilities Criteria (3-430-07) Operation and Maintenance: Inspection and Certification of Boilers, Unfired Pressure Vessels, and the Navy Shore Boiler Guide (UFC/BMS).

Our Inspectors

FEBIS’s senior inspector has over 50 years in boiler/UPV inspections, operations, repairs and maintenance.

Our inspectors have over 20 years inspecting Japanese boilers and UPVs.

Far East Boiler Services Inspectors perform inspections, witness tests, prepare reports, and issue certificates described in the NAVFAC UFC.

Our inspectors understand challenges faced by U.S government facilities working with foreign nationals in regards to language and work ethics to keep their boilers/UPVs certified and operating efficiently. FEBIS has English and Japanese speaking staff on hand.

FEBIS inspectors have as a minimum a State Certificate of Competency or the equivalent and a NAVFAC License/ Authorization to Inspect and Certify boilers and UPVs.

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